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How do credits work?

When a person visits a site using CoAlias, the browser sends requests to the server in order to retrieve the necessary files and data for the website to function properly. These requests consume credits from the user's CoAlias plan. The number of credits consumed by a request can vary depending on how long the request takes to complete and how many resources it requires.

How many requests can you do per credit?

In general, a single credit can be used for between 50 and 1000 requests, depending on the complexity of the requests and the resources they require. For example, a simple request that only requires a small amount of data may be able to be completed using 0.001 credits, while a more complex request that requires a large amount of data may require 0.02 credits to complete.

What are internal routes?

Routes are a way to guide a user to a page or a internal url without showing up in the url bar. Like if a person visits, to load page /clients/nike.

What if I dont understand how to configure CoAlias?

Our support team will help you out. We can create a setup for you so you know how to do it yourself later on.

What is the difference between external redirects and external embeds?

A external redirect will forward the user to a external url. While a external embed will embed the external site inside an iframe.

What can I do with static files?

You can add things like html files to any path of your bubble app. Evn replace your homepage making it extreemly fast!