Use Cases

How can you use CoAlias?

These are the most used application for CoAlias. Business are using CoAlias in various ways to enhance their no-code apps.

Global Saas

Sell your SaaS in various markets with unique domains.

Customized Interfaces

Offer unique, personalized interfaces with custom URLs.

Localized Domains for Franchise Expansion

Grow your business globally with localized domains.

Product Launches Simplified

Ease product launches with unique domains for targeted marketing & UI/UX continuity.

Ecommerce Expansion

Enable your vendors with custom domains to expand globally while providing a local experience.

Resell your SaaS using whitelabeling

Provide unique domains for your customer's white-label SaaS reselling.

Affiliate Marketing Optimization

Boost your affiliate programs with custom domains managed within your principal no-code app.

Multi-Product Expansion

Extend into diverse markets with separate domains for each product.