Multiple domains for

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Propel Affiliate Marketing with Custom Domains

CoAlias introduces a dynamic solution for e-commerce and other affiliate-centric businesses. It enables the establishment of individual domains for each affiliate program, facilitating seamless redirection or serving of unique content. Managed effectively within your principal no-code app, this unprecedented capability simplifies expansion and brand customization without the need to navigate complex development stages.

What is CoAlias?

CoAlias is a pioneering solution explicitly crafted to bolster affiliate marketing for e-commerce and other businesses. It offers an advanced domain management tool that seamlessly integrates multiple individual domains into your no-code applications. These can range from primary domains, subdomains, to wildcard domains, each associated with specific affiliate programs and catering to bespoke content. With its intuitive user interface, managing all your app's domains becomes a breeze. Enable comprehensive domain-based customization without skimping on essential functionality - that's the CoAlias advantage as it sets new standards in progressive domain management for businesses employing affiliate marketing through no-code apps.

Amplify Your Affiliate Marketing Effectiveness Using Multiple Domains and Subdomains

E-commerce businesses or others heavy on affiliate programs can harness the power of multiple domains and subdomains to make a significant impact:

Precise Affiliate Customization: Deploying different domains or subdomains for each affiliate program allows a uniquely tailored experience targeting each separate market segment. This adaptability in adjusting content ensures that your marketing efforts are perfectly attuned to the needs tied to each distinct affiliate domain, thereby optimizing your outreach efficiency and impact.

Strengthened Brand Image: Offering unique domains for each affiliate program signifies your wide-reaching network within the affiliate marketing arena. This strategy highlights your brand's reach and its adeptness to manage these connections via a no-code app, thereby boosting brand appeal among potential affiliates.

Improved SEO Efficiency: Using unique domains or geo-specific subdomains for each affiliate program, managed via a no-code app, can heighten your visibility in localized search results. This approach fine-tunes your SEO strategies, accurately captures the target audience, and secures an edge in competitive digital marketing.

At its core, CoAlias reshapes your e-commerce and affiliate strategies by allocating dedicated domains for each affiliate program. This strategic approach heightens market engagement and bolsters SEO performance. With centralized management through a no-code app, the process is streamlined, enabling tailored experiences without compromising on functionality. This integral integration fosters customer satisfaction and primes your business to navigate the competitive landscape of digital marketing successfully. Capitalize on the exceptional growth potential offered by CoAlias for meaningful business progression.


Loved by SaaS owners

  • “We have worked with Ab since his earlier versions and I can attest that his support is second to none. He is very responsive and fast to react to any reported issues. I believe that we are a larger client of Abs and I would strongly recommend his service to anybody running a mission critical application.”

    Pete Bradstreet

    Chief Architect - Endurance Zoe

    "WOW. CoAlias has made the process of white-labeling domains so easy. This is a critical part of our SaaS product and I'm very glad the CoAlias product is available to make it happen. "

    Eric Johnson

    Founder at Imua Studio

    "I have used CoAlias for an app which works extremely well and the support ( if you really need!) is also very good. Highly recommended."

    Narayan Mallapur

    Co-Founder Innowayt

    Rod Danan

    Founder at Prentus

    "CoAlias was a simple and straightforward solution for me to offer custom domain support for my software to my customers. The setup was quick and I'm very pleased. Fantastic work."

    Tom Rendle

    Founder of Powerlily

    "The service is really helpfull ! and works as we can expect. The platform is continuously improving and bringing new features. It is very appreciable. And when necessary Ab is reactive in terms of support. Great"



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