Multiple domains for

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Scale Your SaaS Globally With Multiple Domains

Give your customers the ability to resell your SaaS solutions under their own brand. Our innovative solution allows developers to assign unique domains for each customer, creating a truly white-labeled experience. Through this personalized approach, not only could you enhance user experience but also significantly increase the resale worth of your services. Tap into the power of CoAlias and help your customers stand apart in a crowded marketplace with their unique brand identity.

What is CoAlias?

CoAlias is an innovative domain management solution crafted to elevate your no-code app experiences. It’s a powerful plugin that supports seamless integration of unlimited, customer-specific domains into your apps, encompassing primary domains, subdomains, and wildcard domains alike. The user-friendly UI ensures straightforward control over all your app's domains. By expanding possibilities in customization and user experience without compromising functionality, CoAlias ushers in a new era of robust domain management for no-code app builders.

Maximize Global Presence with Multiple Domains and Subdomains

Business-to-Business (B2B) SaaS companies can also leverage multiple domains and subdomains to establish a broader global presence:

Domain-Specific Localization: Using different domains or subdomains for different regions allows your SaaS to provide a localized experience. You can tailor the content, language, currency, etc., based on the geographical location associated with each domain.

Professional Appearance: Having separate domains/subdomains for each region shows prospects that your business is international and prepared to support them, regardless of their location. This can enhance your brand's image and increase its appeal to global prospects.

SEO Advantages: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in the B2B SaaS space. With different top-level domains or localized subdomains, you can target specific regional search results more effectively.

In summary, integrating multiple domains and subdomains into your B2B SaaS strategy through CoAlias serves as a valuable growth opportunity. By allowing for localized services and enhancing SEO performance - all while improving customer satisfaction - your company will be well positioned in the competitive global SaaS industry.


Loved by SaaS owners

  • “We have worked with Ab since his earlier versions and I can attest that his support is second to none. He is very responsive and fast to react to any reported issues. I believe that we are a larger client of Abs and I would strongly recommend his service to anybody running a mission critical application.”

    Pete Bradstreet

    Chief Architect - Endurance Zoe

    "WOW. CoAlias has made the process of white-labeling domains so easy. This is a critical part of our SaaS product and I'm very glad the CoAlias product is available to make it happen. "

    Eric Johnson

    Founder at Imua Studio

    "I have used CoAlias for an app which works extremely well and the support ( if you really need!) is also very good. Highly recommended."

    Narayan Mallapur

    Co-Founder Innowayt

    Rod Danan

    Founder at Prentus

    "CoAlias was a simple and straightforward solution for me to offer custom domain support for my software to my customers. The setup was quick and I'm very pleased. Fantastic work."

    Tom Rendle

    Founder of Powerlily

    "The service is really helpfull ! and works as we can expect. The platform is continuously improving and bringing new features. It is very appreciable. And when necessary Ab is reactive in terms of support. Great"



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