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Resell your SaaS using whitelabeling

With CoAlias, you can leverage our innovative technology to deliver unique domains for each of your customers. This allows them to resell your Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions under their own brand, creating a truly personalized white-label experience.

What is CoAlias?

CoAlias is an advanced domain management solution explicitly designed to elevate and simplify the process of reselling your white-label Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. It acts as a potent plugin that facilitates seamless integration of unlimited, custom domains (primary, subdomains, or wildcard domains) into your applications.

With its intuitive interface, managing every domain for each of your customers becomes a breeze. This enables your customers to rebrand and resell your SaaS solutions under their own unique domain, fostering a truly personalized white-label experience. Hence, CoAlias not only broadens the customisation potential but also enhances user experiences without compromising on functionality. It ushers in a new era of potent domain management for white-labeled SaaS solutions intended for resale.

Why Reselling White-Labelled SaaS Solutions Makes Business Sense

In today's dynamic business environment, companies seek innovative strategies to gain a competitive edge. One such approach that is gaining significant traction is the reselling of white-labeled Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. This allows businesses to sell these solutions under their own brand, offering immense advantages. Here are three major benefits of embracing this model:

Brand Enhancement: By reselling your SaaS under their own unique domain, your clients can build upon their existing branding or create a new one. This fosters recognition and trust in the brand, which can ultimately lead to a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.

Increased Revenue Streams: White-labeling provides an opportunity for businesses to add more diverse offerings to their product lineup without having to invest heavily in research, design, or development. As a result, they can generate additional revenue from selling these value-adding services.

Time and Resource Efficiency: The reselling of white-labeled SaaS solutions eliminates the need for companies to develop their own software from scratch. This saves significant amounts of time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies and further improve their services.

In conclusion, white-label reselling represents a lucrative strategy for forward-thinking businesses. By enabling brand enhancement, fostering diverse revenue streams, and promoting resource efficiency, it undoubtedly offers an innovative pathway towards business excellence in our ever-changing digital landscape.


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  • “We have worked with Ab since his earlier versions and I can attest that his support is second to none. He is very responsive and fast to react to any reported issues. I believe that we are a larger client of Abs and I would strongly recommend his service to anybody running a mission critical application.”

    Pete Bradstreet

    Chief Architect - Endurance Zoe

    "WOW. CoAlias has made the process of white-labeling domains so easy. This is a critical part of our SaaS product and I'm very glad the CoAlias product is available to make it happen. "

    Eric Johnson

    Founder at Imua Studio

    "I have used CoAlias for an app which works extremely well and the support ( if you really need!) is also very good. Highly recommended."

    Narayan Mallapur

    Co-Founder Innowayt

    Rod Danan

    Founder at Prentus

    "CoAlias was a simple and straightforward solution for me to offer custom domain support for my software to my customers. The setup was quick and I'm very pleased. Fantastic work."

    Tom Rendle

    Founder of Powerlily

    "The service is really helpfull ! and works as we can expect. The platform is continuously improving and bringing new features. It is very appreciable. And when necessary Ab is reactive in terms of support. Great"



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