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CoAlias helps BetterLegal
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BetterLegal upgraded its online presence and streamlined services by partnering with CoAlias. Overcoming Bubble's slow speeds and integrating no-code platforms, BetterLegal saw SEO scores soar (96-99) and operations simplify. This move enhanced visibility and efficiency, spotlighting BetterLegal's commitment to accessible, rapid legal services.


The Company


Founded by Chad, BetterLegal stands out in the legal services industry for its innovative approach to business formation. With a promise of efficiency, no hidden fees, and comprehensive legal solutions, BetterLegal has successfully positioned itself as a leader in its field, serving over 15,000 businesses. The platform's commitment to rapid service and transparency is highlighted by its acclaim as "Best LLC Service of 2023."

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What did BetterLegal need?

As BetterLegal evolved, it sought to enhance its digital footprint and operational efficiency. The transition to Bubble for its website framework aimed to leverage the agility of no-code platforms. However, this shift introduced challenges that impacted SEO performance and integration with multiple services:

Faster page speeds

Bubble's lower page speed scores hindered SEO efforts, affecting BetterLegal's visibility and user experience.

Combining services

BetterLegal needed a seamless way to integrate Bubble with other programmatic SEO services to maintain a cohesive and efficient operation.


How did CoAlias solve this?

CoAlias provided a multifaceted solution to address BetterLegal's challenges, focusing on SEO optimization and service integration.

SEO Cache for Static Pages

CoAlias's SEO cache feature allowed BetterLegal to create static rendered pages. This significantly improved page speed scores, with Google's PageSpeed Insights showing scores between 96 and 99 for pages that traditionally performed poorly on speed tests. This enhancement directly improved crawling and indexing by search engines, boosting BetterLegal's SEO rankings.

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Seamless Service Integration

CoAlias facilitated the stitching together of multiple no-code services, including Bubble. This capability enabled BetterLegal to manage its operations more efficiently, ensuring a unified platform that could leverage the strengths of various services without compromising on performance or user experience.


Outstanding Support

CoAlias stood out for its exceptional customer support, providing responsive and reliable assistance that ensured smooth and frictionless operations for BetterLegal. This support system played a crucial role in enabling BetterLegal to navigate challenges swiftly and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption to their service

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Cost-Effective Solution

CoAlias's innovative pricing model allowed BetterLegal to offer its services affordably, passing on the savings to their clients.




The implementation of CoAlias's solutions had a profound impact on BetterLegal:

  • Improved SEO PerformanceThe boost in page speed scores translated to higher search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic and enhancing visibility among potential clients.
  • Operational EfficiencyThe ability to integrate multiple services seamlessly allowed BetterLegal to streamline its operations, reducing the time and resources spent on technical management and focusing more on client service and business growth.
  • Enhanced User ExperienceFaster page loads and a more cohesive platform improved the overall user experience, contributing to higher satisfaction rates and trust from clients.
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"Utilizing CoAlias's SEO cache to create static pages was a game-changer for our SEO strategy, directly addressing the limitations we faced with Bubble. Moreover, CoAlias's ability to integrate multiple no-code services transformed our operational efficiency, allowing us to offer a seamless experience to our clients. The support and solutions from CoAlias have been pivotal in our growth, enabling us to focus on what we do best: helping entrepreneurs legally establish their businesses."
Chad SakonchickFounder @ BetterLegal

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