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Connect custom, dynamic, and customer domains to your no-code app. Best for global brands, SaaS, and eCommerce.

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Domain Management

Connect infinite domains

CoAlias makes it easy to connect any type of domain, at any scale, to any no-code app. Here are 4 of the most common connections:

  • Custom DomainsGive your app a branded feel by using your own custom domain.
  • Dynamic SubdomainsAutomatically change the web address based on each individual user or service .
  • Customer DomainsLet your clients use their own branded domains within your no-code app.
  • Global Brand DomainsOperate worldwide by allowing country-specific domains for your clients.
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Automate your domains

Perfect for when you don’t want to manually add domains to your app. Automate your domain connection process and save time.

  • APIGet set up at api.coalias.com to add, check, configure, and publish new domains to your app — automatically.
  • PluginEnjoy native integrations with no-code builders like Bubble. Use the CoAlias plugin to easily configure your domains.
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Key Features

One suite for connecting any domain

DNS Configuration

CoAlias verifies DNS records, checka ownership, givea you an accurate domain state using both the UI and the API. Check any domain and get accurate information on how to configure the DNS of the domain to connect it to your app.


SSL Encryption

Generating SSL certificates and maintaining them used to be a hassle. Now, every site on the web needs to be secured. CoAlias automates SSL encryption. Any domain you add to CoAlias automatically gets an SSL certificate that works in any browser.


Search, Social & Favicon

Brand your no-code app perfectly with open graph and metadata customization. Set any tag you need for any domain across search, social, and beyond.



Keep every domain optimized for Google. With custom robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, we can instruct search engines to index the most important pages of a domain.


Advanced Configuration

Set a custom home page and set up access limitations to certain pages right in CoAlias. All the advanced domain configuration options you’ll ever need.

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Still have questions about your custom domains?

Not ready to create your free account just yet? Speak with a domains expert about your business and see how custom domains can boost your business.