White-labeling made easy

Add customer domains
to your Bubble.io app

Effortlessly add unlimited domains to your Bubble app with CoAlias. Make your app even better by integrating customer domains, subdomains, or even wildcard domains, all easily managed through our user-friendly UI and plugin.

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Why Choose CoAlias for Your Bubble App?

The only solution that solves your entire white-labeling efforts in Bubble.io

White-labeling SimplifiedEasily add customer domains to your Bubble.io apps, offering a fully branded experience
Unlimited DomainsThere's no limit to the number of domains you can add, making it perfect for scaling your app
Plug and PlayOur Bubble-specific plugin ensures a smooth integration process, without the need for complex setup

Grow faster

Add unlimited domains to your Bubble.io app

CoAlias is a powerfull solution that allows you to upgrade your Bubble.io app to add customer domains, dynamic subdomains or global domains. Build a bigger and better business!

Build for Bubble.io

CoAlias can add multiple domains to your Bubble app. We have a custom integration with Bubble so it works with any plan or setup!


Configure your custom domains

Configuring domains is the most powerfull feature of CoAlias. You can choose what page or slug to load when people visit your custom domain, customize how it looks in search engines or social media, add security headers and much more.



Integrate CoAlias into your no-code app using our api or plugins. We provide you with clear documentation and tutorials to connect your no-code app to CoAlias.


99.999% uptime

In the last 12 months, had almost perfect uptime. We take your business serious!

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Easiest way to add
customer domains to your Bubble.io app

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