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CoAlias helps Sublima Digital
grow beyond 400 customers

Sublima Digital helps Brazilian entrepreneurs sell online by building e-commerce stores with the Bubble no-code platform. With CoAlias, they unlocked affordable, unlimited custom domains for their clients.

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The Company

Sublima Digital

Sublima empowers entrepreneurs by building online stores with Bubble's no-code platform. They aim to provide branding, visibility, and sales solutions.

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CoAlias gave us the affordable, easy custom domains Bubble couldn't. Their automation and APIs let us focus on innovation, not operations. We can now offer clients the customized online stores they expect, at scale.
Filipe MenezesPartner & lead developer @ Sublima Digital


What did Sublima Digital need?

Sublima Digital built their platform on Bubble, a powerful no-code environment. However, they faced significant challenges in providing custom domains for each of their clients:

High Expense

Relying on Bubble's native tools, using sub apps, for custom domains proved very costly.


Managing separate app instances and databases, using sub apps, introduced operational inefficiencies.

Lack of Automation

The inability to automate sub-app setup added to the overhead.

SEO Limitations

Without custom domains, clients struggled to rank well in search engines.


Other solutions use iframes, that prevent indexing, don't allow login functionality and are blocked by some browsers.


How did CoAlias solve this?

Sublima Digital discovered CoAlias, a solution designed specifically for no-code platforms. Key benefits of CoAlias include:

Simplified Integration

Setup of CoAlias can be completed in 30 minutes


Automated Domain Management

DNS checks, SSL generation/renewal, and customized instructions for clients


Outstanding Support

Responsive and reliable support ensuring frictionless operations

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Automated Domain Management

Easily add and manage as many domains as needed to support growth


API & Plugin

Connect CoAlias directly into Sublima Digital's app for advanced functionality

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Custom Domains Fuel Client Growth

Sublima Digital unlocks success with CoAlias, boosting customer acquisition, SEO, and more.

  • Customer GrowthEffortlessly adding and managing custom domains has boosted client acquisition and loyalty
  • Search engine optimizationPersonalized domains have dramatically improved search engine visibility, generating more organic traffic for clients
  • Cost savingsCoAlias provides a cost-effective solution, significantly reducing the expense of offering custom domains
  • Focus on businessAutomated domain management and SSL certification have simplified workflows, freeing up resources for innovation.
  • Scalable successThe ability to support unlimited domains and customers allows for effortless scaling alongside business growth.
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"Platforms seeking to offer high-value personalization features should consider the breakthrough solution provided by CoAlias. It addresses the inherent limitations of some no-code environments when it comes to custom domains, unlocking new potential for yourself and your clients."
Filipe MenezesPartner & lead developer @ Sublima Digital

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