How CoAlias works

Easily connect unlimited customer domains, dynamic subdomains, and global country domains to your no-code app. Grow revenue, expand into new markets and scale faster.

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Step 1

Connect your app

Integrate your no-code app with CoAlias. This enables seamless service from your custom domains and makes your pages accessible and modifiable.

Connect No Code App.png

Step 2

Attach your domains

Add any domain name to CoAlias to instantly link up with your app. Make your no-code accessible under any domain you choose — with no technical hassle.

Customer DomainsUsers can connect their domain directly to your app, creating a custom and memorable experience tailored just for them.
Country-Specific DomainsReach new markets by using local domains for different countries of your customers. It’s time to go global.
Dynamic SubdomainsGive your users a personal touch with their own subdomain to access their account. Create a direct, personalized path inside your app.
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Step 3

Personalize your domains

Customize the appearance and performance search results and social media. Set a default homepage, boost search rankings, and build a stronger brand identity.

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Step 4

Launch your domains

Set your domains live and share your links with customers. Everything from setup to launch is built into CoAlias to make your life easier.


Step 5

Monitor your usage

Monitor your domains with analytics that respect user privacy. Analyze page views, visitor behavior, and traffic sources to see how your domains perform.

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Step 6

Manage your domains

With just a few clicks, you can manage every aspect of your domain configuration. Add, adjust, or remove domains, and always stay in control with a simple dashboard.

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Step 7

Automate tasks

Let CoAlias do the hard work for you. With our API and Bubble plugin, you can automate your routine domain management tasks and save hours per week.

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