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Why CoAlias for Your SaaS?

Find out why CoAlias is a game-changer for your online service. Adding CoAlias means making things easier for you and opening up new ways to make more money and improve your service. Here's what CoAlias can do for your SaaS:

  • Charge MoreSaaS businesses that let users pick their own domains can often charge up to 30% more. This special feature means you can ask for higher fees for your services.
  • Attract Bigger ClientsOffering custom domains attracts larger clients, with SaaS platforms seeing a 25% increase in enterprise engagements. This feature ensures brand consistency and professionalism.
  • Usage-based PricingImplementing a usage-based pricing model can boost revenue by 20%. Tailoring prices to domain usage and traffic allows for flexible and fair billing, appealing to a broader user base.
  • All-in-one ToolkitSaaS platforms using our domain connection toolkit reduce setup times by 50%, enhancing user satisfaction. This ease of use makes your app significantly more attractive to potential customers.
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Simple Integration, Infinite Possibilities

What does CoAlias offer?

Integrate CoAlias seamlessly into your SaaS application and offer your clients the ability to use custom domains effortlessly. From enhancing brand visibility to improving SEO, discover how CoAlias can transform your service offering.

Unlimited Domains

Add an unlimited number of customer, custom, dynamic, and global domains to scale your client's businesses.

Easy Integration

Supports major no-code builders for straightforward integration, enhancing your platform's usability.


Automatic SSL certificate generation and DNS checks for secure, hassle-free domain management.

Enhanced SEO

Customize how your clients domains are previewed in search and social. Customize everything you need!

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