Connecting Multiple Domains to Your No-Code App

In the demo, we explore the capabilities of CoAlias, a powerful tool that allows you to connect multiple domains to your no-code app, such as Bubble, and streamline your app's URL structure. CoAlias offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • DomainsConnecting multiple domains or subdomains to a single no-code app
  • IntegrationsLinking a single domain to multiple no-code apps for seamless integration
  • PersonalizeCustomizing metadata, such as title, description, and images, for improved SEO
  • RoutingConfiguring advanced routing options to control page access and redirects
  • Page speedOptimizing page speed and SEO performance with server-side routing and SEO caching
  • AutomationManaging and automating domain setup using the CoAlias plugin and API
Add Domains Feature.png
Throughout the demo, we walk through various scenarios and use cases, demonstrating how CoAlias can be leveraged to create powerful, scalable, and SEO-friendly no-code applications. Whether you're looking to add custom domains for your SaaS customers or combine multiple no-code services into a single, cohesive app, CoAlias provides the tools and flexibility to achieve your goals.

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