How Owet grew to $5M in revenue using custom domains

Owet is changing the way government agencies train with e-learning. But because their no-code app was built on Bubble, they struggled to provide custom domains for their clients. In this case study, you’ll learn more about their challenge and how they solved it end-to-end using CoAlias.

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A Netherlands-based company, Owet specializes in elevating government trainings by leaning on e-learning and gamification. Their mission is to make government agencies more effective at teaching, engaging, and resonating with students. Their learning model is proven to enhance skill development and knowledge retention.

“Thanks to CoAlias, Owet can give government agencies exactly what they need: customized, engaging e-learning. Using the product has been simple and it has made it easy to scale and deliver our game-based training solutions under each agency’s own brand.”
Kim LuttersExpert @ Owet


Custom domains were a blocker for Owet

The Owet team was A+ at ideating, organizing, and creating content for their students. The problem rested in the distribution of that content. Custom domains for individual clients, in particular, were a large need for the team. Because of Bubble’s limitations, they found it nearly impossible to build a solution. Here are the 4 core solutions that Owet needed, but lacked…

Multiple domains

Because Bubble can’t provide a way to add multiple domains to one app, the only option is separating them into multiple sub-apps. As you can imagine, this would create an unmanageable and chaotic ecosystem.

Fast set up

The team didn’t have time for a months-long onboarding. They needed a signup flow that took them from 0 → domains configured in 5 minutes. Customers needed to quickly experience the power of personalization.

Other solutions

Existing solutions use iframes, which prevent indexing. They also don't allow login functionality and are blocked by some browsers. Owet required a simple way to display information that just worked.

High uptime

Governments demand high availability. If your app is down, you are paying them back for every hour you can't provide the service. Maximum uptime was a non-negotiable for the Owet team.


Thankfully, CoAlias resolved every blocker for Owet

Kim, from Owet, worked 1:1 with Ab, founder of CoAlias, to solve every challenge and answer every question. This has blossomed a true partnership and CoAlias has become a tool of choice for the Owet team. Creating custom e-learning platforms has never been easier. Here are 5 ways that CoAlias removed blockers and challenges for Owet:

Efficient configuration

Setting up CoAlias with Owet’s system was simple and fast. The entire onboarding process took about 30 minutes. The entire configuration was operational same-day, and has been running smoothly since.


Automatic domain handling

CoAlias took care of domain setup automatically. Everything from DNS checks, to SSL and security, and clear instructions and documentation for each client was arranged. Owet got a secure and customized experience without the hassle.


Always-on support

As you could expect, the Owet team had some questions along the path of onboarding (and beyond). CoAlias’s support team was always ready to help, making sure their operations were smooth and trouble-free. Any question, any challenge, any time.

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Easy domain management

With CoAlias, adding and managing domains for unique government clients was easy. Owet is now able to handle as many domains as they need, so they can grow and meet the needs of their clients — no matter how grandiose. All features, in one simple dashboard.


API and integrations

CoAlias directly integrated into Owet’s app through our API and plugins. This added even more new features for the team and made their e-learning solutions more flexible.

CoAlias Api.png


High praise from clients, even higher revenue growth

Owet was not just able to remove their domain-related blockers thanks to CoAlias. They exceeded financial goals — and by a wide margin. Tailored e-learning solutions proved useful for over 300 governement organizations. Owet achieved a remarkable $5,000,000 in revenue. Overall feedback from customers has been highly positive. Owet’s training experience is now viewed as more engaging and effective than ever before.

  • 10X revenue GrowthCustom domains opened the doors for higher client engagement and loyalty, leading directly to net new revenue and higher earnings from existing clients.
  • Reduced operation costsA new, streamlined process for managing domains in one place reduced Owet’s operational costs and made their tooling budget more efficient.
  • Simplified domain configurationAutomated domain configuration and SSL management freed up the Owet team for more innovation, rather than admin.
  • Scaled domain usageOwet has scaled their custom domain usage as their client base grows. More domains, more engaged customers, more growth.
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"SaaS companies that are looking to grow should not overlook what CoAlias has done for Ower. Custom domain management has been pivotal in overcoming the traditional barriers of e-learning. Our learning experiences are now more personalized because organizations can brand their training platforms with ease. It's a game-changer for anyone wanting to scale their SaaS effectively."
Kim LuttersExpert @ Owet

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