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with custom domains

Boost revenue by whitelabeling your no-code app to attract major clients. Add unlimited custom domains to your app in just 5 minutes.

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Imagine what you can do by
whitelabeling your no-code app


Single domain for all customers

  • Horrible looking urls, like /customer/customer1
  • Always the same favicon, search and social appearance
  • No way to upsell to larger customers
  • Multi-tenant apps are impossible

After CoAlias

Multiple domains, one for each customer

  • Allow customers to add their own custom domain to your multi-tenant app
  • Customize favicon, search and social appearance
  • Automate connecting and adding domains with our simple API
Used by 1031 no-code app owners
24,938,918,983 requests served
50.391 domains connected
Founded in Holland. We respect your privacy
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How it Works

The easy way to add multiple domains

3 easy steps to set up a new custom domain connection.

Connect.pngConnect your app
CoAlias will automatically detect the no-code builder you use and setup your account. We will serve pages from your app for the custom domains you add.
Custom Domains.pngAdd domains
These can be custom or global domains — even dynamic subdomains. Just configure DNS and watch everything connect.
CoAlias.pngConfigure your domains
Customize how your domains look in search engines and social previews. CoAlias makes it easy to fully customize the branding of each domain.

All types of companies

1,000+ no-code apps use CoAlias globally

See how custom domains can boost your business, no matter the industry.

Global Corporations

Add country-specific domains to your site and operate worldwide.


Attract bigger customers to your no-code with unique client domains.


Give customers a personalized experience with dynamic subdomains.


Charge higher rates on your AI app by whitelabeling domains.


Improve client’s SEO and branding with vanity domains for each shop.

Website Builders

Connect custom domains to your existing landing page builder.


Operate powerful no-code marketplaces under multiple domains.

Social networks

Assign custom brand domains to power up your social network.

Meet the Product

Unlimited domains, unlimited scale

Welcome to the most powerful suite of domain tools. Attract bigger customers, reach a global audience, and make customization scalable.

Support for all no-code builders

Built on Webflow? Bubble? Glide? We’ve got you covered.


Endless domain configurations

This is the most powerful feature of CoAlias. Choose which page to load when people visit your domain. Customize how it looks in search engines. Add security headers. The only limit is your imagination.


CoAlias has an API!

Connect CoAlias into your no-code app using our API. We have crystal clear documentation and tutorials to help you integrate with most tools.

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99.999% uptime

12 months in, and we’ve had almost perfect uptime. We take your business as serious as you do.

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Still have questions about
your custom domains?

Not ready to create your free account just yet? Speak with a domains expert about your business and see how custom domains can boost your business.